Kick-Off Party A Huge Success

On Thursday night, Positively Roswell was introduced to the world, or at least this little pocket of the world we call home.

About 150 guests helped us launch Positively Roswell with a healthy serving of beer, music, food and fun. Gate City Brewery's new event space was the perfect location on a beautiful and warm winter evening. Understandably, nearly all the attendees came to the event with the same question; "What is Positively Roswell?"

To help answer that question, Positively Roswell supporters Doug Curling, Theo Keyserling, and Tai Anderson helped articulate the mission to the gathered crowd of Roswell friends and neighbors.

Before listing out our 4 main goals, Doug Curling shared, "Positively Roswell is a non-profit civic group organized by a group of about 30 Roswell citizens that just got tired of all the acrimony and negative headlining – and grumbling about it but having no impact."

Doug then went on to share our 4 humble but significant goals:

  1. Improve the tone of the conversation.

  2. Broaden the discussion to include the good things happening, not just the bad.

  3. Encourage more folks to vote.

  4. Encourage more folks to serve.

At that point, many of the guests were wondering, "What's the catch? Could this organization not really want anything more than me than my engagement and positivity?" That's when Tai Anderson got down to just a little business.

"Friends, we are here tonight to trade beer for data."

Tai then directed the guests to fill out some brief survey around some key areas in exchange for beer tickets! Sharing surveys, conducting polls, publishing white papers, and hosting community forums are just some of the ways that Positively Roswell helps to elevate civic engagement in our community.

Positively Roswell has already started sharing the results of the survey questions on its FaceBook page, sparking further discussion about what our citizenry's priorities are for the future.

To all of you that came out, Thank you so much. We intentionally kept the guest list small and purposefully didn't invite any of our current elected officials or candidates currently seeking office. Like Roswell itself, we believe that humble beginnings can lead to great things!

Look for some exciting opportunities for us all to engage together in the near future.

Tai Anderson